Family-Owned & Operated

Thackston Family

Events by the River is owned and operated by the Thackston family, whose roots date back 100 years in the Upstate area. Events by the River has been hosting cookouts, smoke-outs, camping and a plain old good time on the Enoree River for over 50 years.

"Events by the River is more than just a venue, it's a piece of the history of the Enoree River in Upstate, SC"

Tony Thackston

Owner & General Manager

Tony maintains the property around the field and river to ensure the venue retains its serene beauty

Tia Phillips

Event Director

Tia oversees the event and wedding coordination and implementation to make sure everything runs smooth

Daniel Phillips

Social Media | Logisitics

Daniel heads up the social media content and assists with the technical and logistic operations at the river

a happy place

Events by the River

From it’s humble beginnings as a gathering place for the Thackston’s, this serene location on the Enoree grew to host large cookouts for family and friends.

As the years passed, the idea of creating an event location for weddings, events and live music was tossed around during meals of smoked pigs and broiled oysters.

In the summer of 2017, the official groundbreaking of Events by the River began. The completion of Phase I, including the clearing of scenic views of the river and enhancements to the landscape was completed at the end of 2017, officially opening the venue to the public for a future of memorable events.